Entrepreneur and Industrialist

Mr Arnesson is an entrepreneur and industrialist, born in Sweden in 1955. He has been residing and been active in Asia and the Middle East for more than 30 years. Arnesson currently resides in Sweden. He has been involved as an entrepreneur of, and an investor in, several companies in the Nordics and abroad since 1983.
Arnesson graduated as an electronic engineer and after further studies at Linköping and Karlstads University he became a technical director at SAAB Combitechs Process division.
Arnesson started Ardy Electronics Ltd in 1983, specializing in technology products for secure telecommunication and encryption. The company focuses on hardware and software development of telecommunication security products. Ardy Electronics’ head office is located in Hong Kong, with additional operations in the Middle East and Europe.
The company has customers in approximately 50 countries. Main clients are government organizations such as The Ministry of Defence and The Ministry of Interior.
Arnesson started IBSP Hong Kong Ltd (Internet Business Service Provider) in 2005, a centralized internet based service provider (cloud computing) with various cloud based applications for business and banking.
IBSP is a Hong Kong based company with subsidiary companies in the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Sweden and Hungary. IBSP´s objective is to assist and relieve small businesses and private persons from difficult and complicated business administration tasks with on-line centralized servers (data centres) with virtual services.
IBSP (Internet Banking Service Provider) has been active in Africa since 2011 and is since 2015 the market leader in cloud banking solutions across Africa, Middle East and Asia, covering more than 80 countries with white label banking platforms for banks and financial organizations.
Arnesson spends most of his spare time with family and friends. He is passionate about Africa, creating jobs and starting industries and businesses.
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