Evangelist,Social Entrepreneur

Louis is married with Annetjie, a woman with a calm Godly spirit, study Scripture for truths, supportive in nature with a sound mind that practice hand crafts for babies and children, crochet of blankets and various knitted products and she take care of children after school. Louis is Group Operational Manager for the Christian Business Chamber Chapters in South Africa on behalf of CROSSing Lion Gate Group of Companies in establishing the Community Care Centres situated at church facilities. All his activities are related to pro-bono work with all the organisations and personally live from buying and selling of products and services to make ends meet. When you are debt free, living off the grid for many years with bank accounts; experiencing the life of people that are un-bankable, you then learn the needs of the people Louis is also a shareholder of the Generational Inheritance Group (GIG) Co-Operative Financial Institute (CFI), acting as Wealth Coach with CROSSing Community Chest to implement the community banking platform to assist members to get out of debt, with 0% interest free loans, they can pay off interest bearing debt, saving between 18-26% interest annually to get out of the financial slavery system of the world. Louis is also Operational Director and Trustee of the Community Chamber of Commerce Trust (CCC Trust), this is a non-profit entrepreneurial platform to also assist small business owners, NGO’s and communities to participate in service delivery and develop workers- and financial co-operatives with a mandate from GIG CFI to assist other groups to start their own community banking platform.