Landa Cope


Founding International Dean of the College of Communication for Youth With A Mission’s University of the Nations. Has a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Education and a Master’s degree in Humanities and International Studies. Her public speaking and work in missions have taken her to more than 110 nations.

Has lived and worked in North Africa, the Pacific and Europe. Spent eight years developing and launching the communications and fundraising work of Mercy Ships International, serving as the Communications Officer. In 1984, she founded the International College of Communication, one of seven colleges in the University of the Nations, training students interactive media, digital communication, video, film, photography, graphics, illustration, marketing, radio, writing, journalism and developing mass media.

Landa Cope is in high demand around the world to speak to religious, political, business and professional leaders on the subject of what scripture teaches us practically about discipling nations and societal transformation. She is the author of “Clearly Communicating Christ”, a book about Jesus-style communication, “The Old Testament Template” and of “God, the Bible and Political Justice.” In 2005 Landa, founded The Template Institute, providing seminars and materials for the development of Biblical thinking in the professions as well as a comprehensive Biblical approach to issues in the public forum. She currently serves as the Founder and Executive Director of TTI and currently lives in South Africa.