Dr. Alexander Chisango

Pres. World Economic Congress, Zim

"I live for the cause that the wider Church as the Body of the resurrected Christ on earth be fathered into maturity and practically demonstrate to Nations (including governments, business, communities, all the professions & social sectors) how to build according to the higher order of God's Kingdom today, birthing sustainable Christ-centered nations and cities in the process."

President World Economic Congress (WEC)
President Africa International Transformation Alliance (AITA)
Presiding Head Kingdom Int'l Nations of Christ - KINoC
Presiding Apostolic Father Kingdom Int'l Ministries - KIM
Presiding Apostolic Father Kingdom Int'l Apostolic Mandate - KIAM
Founder/President Kingdom Int'l Africa Development Foundation-KIADF
President Divine Economic Empowerment Council - DEEC